Great Expectations


Well it has been some time since I have blogged. And over this non-blogging time, our family grew just one more with the birth of Avery Grace on September 1. And my sweet Parker became a Christian as well. Both are big deals in our family. We celebrate birthdays and spiritual birthdays in much the same fashion.

25 Days of Thankful


I am always amazed at how early the Christmas decorations start showing up on the aisles at retail stores. I can not even seem to get the pumpkins to the trash before my boys start telling me all about their Christmas wants. This always seems to frustrate me as I really want my boys to […]

10 Differences Between Volunteering and Being Called of God


We need to remember that it is not God who is lucky to have you and me in His service; we are the ones who are privileged to have a role, large or small, in advancing His kingdom. There is a distinct difference between those who volunteer out of obligation and those who feel called by God to serve. It’s not that volunteering is bad; it’s just that there is a deeper level of commitment, joy, and reward with those who know their calling is from God.